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Must Do’s for I Do’s: Your Step-by-Step Guide to Tying the Knot on Oahu

Follow these rules for obtaining your Hawaii marriage license and marriage certificate on Oahu.

Oahu is not only a beautiful spot for getting married, the rules and regulations are fairly straightforward. Here’s your step-by-step guide.

Defining the Marriage License and the Marriage Certificate

A marriage license and marriage certificate are two different documents in Hawaii. The marriage license permits a marriage to take place and the marriage certificate indicates a marriage has taken place. First you need to apply for a marriage license. You then bring the marriage license with you to the wedding and give it your wedding performer. Your marriage performer will prepare and file your marriage certificate after the wedding. You will receive the marriage certificate in the mail 60-120 days after the wedding. Expedited copies are available for a fee.

Marriage License Eligibility

  • You don’t have to be residents of Hawaii or a U.S. citizen to be married on Oahu and blood tests are not required.
  • Eighteen is the legal age of marriage in Hawaii. Applicants who are 16 and 17 must have the written consent of both parents, legal guardians, or the family court.
  • You’ll need proof of age to be married in Hawaii. A valid ID or driver’s license will work for anyone 19 or over. A certified copy of a birth certificate must be presented for anyone 18 years of age or under.
  • If you’ve been previously married, proof of original divorce decree or a death certificate must be presented to the marriage agent if the divorce or death was final within 30 days of applying for a marriage license.

How to Apply for a Marriage License

  • You can apply for your marriage license up to 30 days before your Oahu wedding and you must apply together in person.
  • Be sure to know your Oahu wedding date and wedding performer as they are required information on the Hawaii wedding license application.
  • Go online to download, print, and complete the State of Hawaii Marriage License Application. The application must be filled out by both of you being married.
  • Go together with the completed marriage license application to meet with a marriage license agent at Room 101 (1st floor), Health Department Building, 1250 Punchbowl Street, Honolulu, Hawaii, Monday-Friday, 8 am – 4 pm.
  • Remember to bring all required IDs and paperwork (see above).
  • The marriage license fee is $60 plus the $5 portal administrative cost. It may be paid online or in person when the application is submitted to the marriage license agent.
  • Upon approval, the Hawaii marriage license will be issued at the time of application.
  • The license is good for 30 days and then becomes null and void.

For More Information

Visit the State of Hawaii, Department of Health for complete information on marriage license information, instructions, and applications or call 808-586-4544, ext 4 for information on marriage licenses any day at any time.

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